Name: Diamond Donor *LIFETIME*
Price: 20.00 USD

Welcome to the all-mighty Diamond Donor rank! Not only are you helping to support/keep up the server, you're also getting a cool rank!

Relic Skyblock Benefits:

- $310,000 in-game balance money

- 15 Relite Crate Key's

- 25 ReOre Crate Keys

- 35 ReSpawn Crate Key's 

- /fly (Can only be used if you are not in combat. Mobs count as being in combat, so does hitting a player, even if they are on your island)

- /heal (with a 5 minute cool-down)

- /feed (no cool-down)

- Access to /hat (You can wear a object, such as a block. NOTE: Some items will NOT show up on your head.)

- Access to /enderchest - Store your stuff on the go! 

- Max number of Auction Sell Listings: 15    -- (Normally 5)

- Max number of Auction Bid Listings: 15   -- (Normally 3)

- Colored chat! &a&lSP00KY <--- As a example, that would look green.

RSG Benefits:

- 1000 Relites

- 20,000 Credits

- x3.0 Credits Booster

- 100 Mutation Passes

- /fly in the Hub - To fly around!